Updates – Added Settings and Just Posted

We’re happy to say that we’ve made some updates to FindALostPet over the last couple of weeks, and we wanted to tell you about them. Along with some bug fixes (there was this weird problem effecting some versions of Safari for iOS) and the normal graphical tinkering (we’ve removed the searchbar for now and added two slick header links), there is:

A Settings Page

Well, we’ve added a settings page so that you can:

  • Add and remove Location Alerts, tools that send you notifications when a pet is lost near selected locations.
  • Change your password (it’s probably a good idea to do this every now and then, but it’s no replacement to having a longer password).

We plan to make more features customisable soon so if you have any suggestions, just send us an email at theteam@findalostpet.org.

Tools for When You’ve Posted a Pet

After you’ve posted your pet, there’s still some stuff to do, so we’ve built an entire page to help you make posters, email your contacts and post about your pet on social media.

The page also contains some tips on poster design and writing heart-felt emails, both of which we’ll be posting on this blog soon.

There’s a lot of work still to come so if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to email us at theteam@findalostpet.org.

An aside: We’re also entering beta testing for the first version of the iOS app. You can sign up to help here.

Oh, and just in case you’ve forgotten your password (already!), we’ve added a reset password page! Just go to the sign in page.

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