The First Domain

It’s time to get started.

Our team has been working on FindALostPet for a bit now, since the beginning of October. A couple weeks ago, Laef made it his inquiry project at the InquiryHub in Coquitlam. (By the way, since Laef’s the writer here, I’ll refer to myself as “me” and “I.”)

Originally we had planned to release it Canada-wide in January of 2016. Now that it’s my inquiry project, due in mid-December, we’ve changed the release dates a bit. We expect to release it for the Lower Mainland in December and for North America (yes, all of it) in February.

Starting as an idea and a few mock-ups by Stefan, it’s grown to a mess of PHP scripts running on a couple of our computers. A nice logo created by Alin has given it some character. And now, a new domain name, purchased by David Truss, the vice-principal of the iHub, has given it a place to reside:

And here’s how it’s looking:
Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 16.23.48

So why all these small details? Well, I’ve been told to document our progress so I have done so. But we’ll add more here such as big important release statements and things like that. You know, what most project blogs have.



  1. hi there how do we download this app as i am in need to find my dog


    1. I’m really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, it isn’t out quite yet. We’re planning on releasing the website in January and the app in February.

      What city do you live in? There are a couple of localized lost pet databases already out there though they do not go to the extent of our project and are harder to use. Perhaps we can find a couple for you.

      Make sure you check local animal shelters and utilize social media to find your dog. Also, try to make it as easy to report seeing your dog as possible. From adding QR codes to your posters to making an easy to remember email address, a lot of little things help. Make sure the picture of your dog is easy to see and catches the eye. Search for other tips online.

      If you can’t get an easy to remember email address, perhaps we can help by giving you a temporary address? I’m not sure how much that would help and definitely you should use a shorter address if possible but it’s the most we can do right now. Hopefully you will have found your dog long before we launch.

      Good luck in finding your dog,
      Laef – The FindALostPet Team


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