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A couple months ago, the web version of FindALostPet was launched. Now, it’s even easier to post your lost pet and find lost pets in your area; that’s because we’ve […]

Our goal is to find every lost pet, so we’ve started a Thunderclap campaign to spread FindALostPet to more people. Thunderclap is a platform where people donate a tweet, Facebook […]

It's Out

It’s out. Finally. We’ve released FindALostPet, a lost pet database intended to help reunite lost pets with their owners as quickly and easily as possible. So, what should you know? […]

The Countdown Begins

Well, we’re closing in on the final stretch of the initial programming. We’ve dropped Google Cloud in favour of local hosting (we were having so much trouble with Google’s poor […]

It’s been a while and I thought you deserve an update on what’s happening with the project. So here goes: With the money from Indiegogo, we set off to buy […]

The Tri-City News’ Diane Strandberg has written a small article about our crowd funding campaign. You can read it at tricitynews.com/news/missing-a-pet-they-have-an-app-for-that-1.2128702. From the article: Missing pets can be a tragedy […]

We’ve launched FindALostPet on Indiegogo to get the money we need for image hosting, SSL certificates and other domains. A Quick Summary We’re a group of one thirteen-year-old and two […]