What it is

FindALostPet is a website and app where anyone can post their lost pet and everyone can help to bring her or him back home.

But to work, we need more people

FindALostPet works by everyone who sees a lost pet reporting a sighting of him or her. The more people who know about us, the more likely the pet will be found.

You can help, right meow

Or sign up

Don't worry, we won't give your address away and you can easily customize or turn off email alerts.

Please use a password you've never used before and make it long.

Be nice

Don't swear, don't post offensive content. Keep it to just lost pets and you'll be fine. Do not post a reward for your pet! (Why not?)

Don't spam

Don't post a lost pet multiple times, only post real lost pets and don't report that you've seen a lost pet when you haven't.

Waiting to find lost pets...

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